Each year we have a seasonal photo competition with all of our qualifying clients. And each year we run our photo of the YEAR competition. Every entrant in our seasonal will have a chance to win our GRAND prize with limited runner up prizes. Make sure you follow Captured by Anna on all of our […]

            With Father’s Day fast approaching why not gift him with a voucher that can be put towards capturing some beautiful memories? Is another pair of socks or a personalised stubby holder really going to cut it? Imagine bringing your husband, dad, son or even Grandpa into the studio with their immediate family, having some […]

Each season one lucky client has the chance to win a gorgeous gift from Captured by Anna! To enter you simply have to have a session at our beautiful Kilmore studio during either Summer, Autumn, Winter or Spring, and select ‘enter FOTS’ in your initial session questionnaire. At the end of each season we will […]

Make sure you take time to do something for yourself; Meditate, have a bath, take up learning an instrument (just not the recorder). Once the kids are in bed I love catching up on my favourite shows with a glass of wine (or 2). Oddly, I find being able to complete the washing without interruption […]

Lockdown affects the way we eat, cook and shop for food. Some of us bake bread and turn into master chefs while others get chummy with our Uber Eats drivers. No judgements here!   Exercising is allowed; get outside! Walk, run, jump, swing. Kilmore has such a variety of parks and sites to see and explore. Have a look in your local area, […]

The latest outbreak and ever-changing lockdowns has resulted in a lot of Victorian’s being at home again. As a majority of us are unable to catch up for coffee or brunch we are being reminded to jump online or pick up the phone  Social media, Skype, FaceTime and a simple phone call are excellent tools for staying connected and keeping your mind […]

How to survive the Winter School Holidays with kids!!! By now this may come in handy! Break it up! We all love our unplanned, unstructured days at home with the kids, but let’s think about this, an entire two weeks, in winter, will seriously test your sanity. We need some sort of balance and a […]

Easter Easter, another one of those times of year that I promise myself (and my husband) that I will not go overboard… again! I’m a sucker for all things festive and who doesn’t enjoy watching their children frantically run around searching for eggs and gorging themselves on chocolate for breakfast! Help! How do you know […]

Something Fun! We thought it would be interesting and fun to give a few mothers some questions to complete about their journey through pregnancy and birth. Beware, some answers are quite honest! Hope you enjoy the read! First Mother How many children do you have? 2 Did you have a boy or a girl? Girl […]

How did you announce the arrival of your baby? I have seen so many different ways new parents have announced the arrival of their baby. We were, I guess, ‘traditional’, a phone call to close family and friends and just asked them to spread the word. We were excited but exhausted! I came across an […]






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